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Ibero Vietnam began operations in 2008 as a 100-percent-owned subsidiary of Ibero Japan. Ibero Vietnam is involved in the general repair and reconditioning work and also manufactures tractor attachments.
Located 40 minutes south of Ho Chi Minh City in Long An Province, close to Cambodia and Thailand, the Ibero Vietnam factory covers a total of 15,000 m2 and is capable of reconditioning 1,200 machines a year.
Ibero Vietnam exports to third-party nations and also sells products within Vietnam. Engineering instruction and parts are supplied from Japan to ensure the company's ability to produce high-quality products at low prices and implement thorough quality control.
Products that leave the Ibero Vietnam factory are shipped to the customer in a beautifully maintained, near-new state.

Business Philosophy

Ibero Vietnam has adopted the following six points as its business philosophy:

  • Speed
  • Honesty
  • Responsibility
  • Customer
  • Family
  • Society

Ibero Vietnam will produce safe and easy to use agricultural machinery to customers in Vietnam and all over the world.


At the Ibero Vietnam factory, our team of skilled staff recondition products imported from Japan. We conduct three rounds of strict quality checks to ensure that our products are of a sufficient standard for the domestic Japanese market. Finished products regain the glow and functionality of brand new machinery. Naturally, chassis are replaced with new ones.

We supply everything from agricultural to construction machinery, and work hard to ensure you get the finish you want. For superb value and excellent quality, buy your reconditioned machinery from Ibero Vietnam.

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Attachment Production

Ibero Vietnam produces tractor attachments. In addition to three models of front loaders, we can also make roll bars and three-point hitches to suit your requirements. Attachments are available for all our reconditioned products.
Our fully mechanized production system lets us provide high quality attachments at affordable prices.

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Domestic Sales in Vietnam

Ibero Vietnam supplies used machinery to the Vietnamese domestic market. We offer a range of quality used equipment sourced from all over the world to promote the mechanization of Vietnamese agriculture and create a new form of business in Vietnam, which is beginning to focus on industrial growth.
We keep an inventory of around 500 machines from our Japanese distributors and also provide after-sales service.
We will provide a variety of proposals suited to the needs of our clients.

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